Phil 110 Chapter 2 Homework[1]

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Critical Thinking 110 Fall 2009 Instructor: Anthony Ferrucci Chapter 2 Homework Assignment Instructions: Complete the following exercises from chapter 2 of Moore and Parker. You are free to either type out the responses or handwrite them, provided it is legible. You are also encouraged to work with fellow classmates but you must submit your own assignment. The answers to questions with triangles denotes that the answers are
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Unformatted text preview: available in the back of the book. The goal of the homework is to reinforce the material, and to prepare you for the quizzes and exams. Due: Monday September 21 st , in class Exercise 2-1: Odds only Exercise 2-3: Evens only Exercise 2-4: Evens only Exercise 2-5: All Exercise 2-6: All Exercise 2-10: Odds Exercise 2-11: Evens...
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