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Phil_110_Chapter_3_Homework[1] - needle exchange...

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Critical Thinking 110 Fall 2009 Instructor: Anthony Ferrucci Chapter 3 In-class Assignment Instructions: As we discussed in class, your assignment is to write a one page argumentative essay. There are four things that you must do in the essay, they are outlined below. Remember, I am asking for a solid page or so of good, clear writing in which you demonstrate what we have discussed thus far in the class. Avoid unnecessary claims, ambiguous statements, and especially grammatical errors. I would prefer that you type the page but you may hand write it if you wish. You only have to select one of the articles. There are three topics to pick from, they are: Gay marriage: pages 484-485 Hypodermic needle exchange : page 103 Prayer in public schools : pages 496-497 Due: Monday September 28th, in class. Or you can email it to me at [email protected] 1. State the issue- Remember that when we want to state an issue, we want to say, for example “Whether or not there should be a state sanctioned
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Unformatted text preview: needle exchange program.” You only have to pick one, but there may be more than one issue to choose from in the same article. 2. Take a position/make an argument-State what side of the issue you are taking, “I argue that hypodermic needles should/should not be exchange because. ...” Remember to refer to the article in some way, but more importantly, provide reasons for thinking your claims are true. 3. State the other position-What is the opposing point made in the article? Be charitable to the position. 4. Restate your argument in light of the opposing view-At this point you want to recognize that there is an argument on the other side worth considering but your argument is stronger. For example "Even though one could claim that hypodermic needle exchange promotes drug use, I maintain that combating the spread of HIV/AIDS is a much more important issue." Or something similar....
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Phil_110_Chapter_3_Homework[1] - needle exchange...

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