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Philosophy 110 Fall 2009 Instructor: Anthony Ferrucci Midterm Study Guide Format of the test and instructions: The midterm will be two parts; the first will be the in-class 50 question exam featuring multiple choice, true/false, and short answer, the second part is the writing component. You will have the entire duration of the class to finish part one of your exam. The second part will be made available to you through ilearn, where you will have the weekend to finish this part and upload it through “turnitin” on ilearn. The midterm, including both parts, is worth 125 points total for 25% of your overall course grade. The first part is worth 100 points, where each question has a two point value, and the second part of the exam is worth 25 points. This part will be graded with the aide of a rubric. Invaluable resources: Recaps at the end of every chapter in the book, the powepoints posted on ilearn,
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Unformatted text preview: and homework assignments (with answers on ilearn). I am available to answer all questions until Friday morning, don't procrastinate! Important concepts that will be tested: 1. Validity 2. Soundness 3. Argument: What is the definition? Also, be able to read a passage and state if it is an argument or not and identify the conclusion. 4. Semantic ambiguity 5. Syntactic ambiguity 6. Grouping ambiguity 7. All of the rhetorical devices from Chapter 5 8. Issues: Identify the issue in a passage. Remember this is stated with whether, for example: Whether or not the state should set up and support a needle exchange program. 9. Credibility: Specifically, be able to say why one source is more or less credible than another in a sentence or so....
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