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Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis ECON 100-02 and ECON 100-03, Summer 2009 San Francisco State University Instructor: K. Kramer Office: HSS 141 Email: Office Phone Number: 415-405-0331 (this is a shared number, do not leave a message – if there is an emergency and you need to contact me immediately, contact the Econ department) Office Hours : Monday and Wednesday 11-12 and by appointment Course Description Economics 100 is a basic introduction to Macroeconomics. Its purpose is to help you understand what is going on around you in the economy today, as well as to give you a solid grounding in macroeconomic techniques and principles. Macroeconomics is the study of aggregate (or total) effects in a national economy of the individual choices that people, businesses, and governments make. A sample of topics to be covered include: inflation, unemployment, growth, and business cycles. We come to economics from a social science background. What this means is that we will learn to construct models that can then be tested to see how well they reflect the real world. Prerequisites Basic algebra and graphing skills are assumed and required to fully understand the material. The appendix to chapter 1 provides a brief review of the graphing skills that are essential for the course. I would recommend reviewing it to make sure you have the necessary skills to do well in the class. If you are worried that your math skills might not be sufficient, please come talk to me. Textbook
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syllabus[1] - Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis ECON...

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