Phys220_syllabus - Physics 220-1- Spring 2009 SFSU Physics...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 220-1- Spring 2009 SFSU Physics 220: General Physics with Calculus I Prof. Joseph Barranco Thornton 308, (415) 338-2450 Lectures & Office Hours Lectures: MWF 14:1015:00 in Science 210. Office Hours: M 11:0012:00, 15:0016:00, WF 11:0012:00, 15:0017:00 in Thornton 308. Quick note on e-mail contact So that I can identify and respond to e-mails from you expeditiously, please put [PHYS220] at the beginning of the subject line. Course Overview This course is an introduction to Newtonian mechanics, which is the study of motion of macroscopic objects. Topics include: vector algebra, kinematics (position, velocity, acceleration, linear motion, projectile motion, circular motion, relative motion), Newtons 3 Laws of Motion (inertia, F=ma, action-reaction) and the concept of force (weight/gravity, normal forces, tension, spring forces, friction, etc.), impulse & linear momentum, work & kinetic energy, potential energy & conservation of energy, elastic & inelastic collisions, rotational kinematics, torque & angular momentum, rigid body statics & dynamics, and oscillatory motion (springs, pendulums). The triad of Physics 220 (mechanics), 230 (electricity & magnetism), and 240 (fluid mechanics, wave motion, optics, thermodynamics) is an almost complete introductory survey of classical physics, suitable for students concentrating in any of the physical sciences and/or engineering. Learning Resources Required: (1) Lea & Burke, Physics: The Nature of Things, 1st edition (2) Scientific calculator (3) Reliable internet access; login to (note: no www in web address) to access course website. Please check frequently for new announcements, updates to the syllabus & schedule, tips & tricks on the homework, and links to additional learning resources. (4) WebAssign account ($35): Online homework system; in order to register, you will need the class key: sfsu 5891 0826 (5) 4-color ABCD sheet Optional: (6) Lea & Burke, Student Solutions Manual to Physics: The Nature of Things (7) Elby, Portable TA: A Physics Problem Solving Guide (8) Celesia, Preparation for Introductory College Physics: A Guided Student Primer (9) ALEKS account ($30): a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system; sign-up to review math preparation for physics; in order to register, you will need the course key: JEHEX-F9CWG Physics 220-2- Spring 2009 Prerequisites & Corequisites Because this course uses calculus in lectures and in homework, students must have completed the following prerequisites: (1) Math 226 (Calculus I) or its equivalent, with a grade of C or better. If you did not complete(1) Math 226 (Calculus I) or its equivalent, with a grade of C or better....
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Phys220_syllabus - Physics 220-1- Spring 2009 SFSU Physics...

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