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Grading Form for Written Paper on Meal Preparation Name: __________________________ Lab Group: ________ ITEM POINTS 1. Preparation of a 4-item menu, evidenced by an attached photo 40 2. Menu: a. Appropriate for occasion or style of dining 3 b. Balance of flavors, textures and color 5 3. Applied Learning a. Explanation of critical points, special preparation and overall principles used to obtain desired results 15 b. Would you change anything in your recipes or menu -
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Unformatted text preview: 5 why or why not? c. Do you agree or disagree with guest ratings and comments? Why? 5 d. What did you learn from the overall experience? 5 4. English writing skills: a. Grammar, spelling, capitalization 5 b. Sentence structure 5 c. Overall flow, continuity of thoughts and readability 5 5. Format: a. Times New Roman, 12-pitch, double spaced 1 b. Cover sheet 1 c. 4-5 written pages (cover sheet is not one of the pages)...
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