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Vista Room (VR) Service Guidelines (Spring, 2011) Name E-mail Phone Dining Room Managers Yan Fei Erica Lum [email protected] (415)338-3411 Kitchen Manager Rebecca Montgomery [email protected] (415)338-3410 THE VISTA ROOM  is a teaching/learning site providing “real-life” learning experience for  students to gain hands-on experience while learning the fundamentals of food production and  service management of a restaurant for fine dining.   DRESS CODE : (strictly observed as in a restaurant for fine dining) Shirt – white, no design, clean and neatly pressed (ironed), plain white cotton/ploy, button down, collar, and long sleeved, worn over white undershirt with no prints. Pants – blacks, clean and neatly pressed (ironed), plain black (no black jeans) Shoes – black, closed heel and toe with non skid sole, NO high heel shoes and NO TENNIS shoes. Socks (not nylons) – plain black. Socks must be long enough to cover ankles. Hair should be pulled back for health standards reason. Example: use gel for front hair; long hair must be tied back with black tie or ribbon (available at VR) Hair Color/Style: Hair color should be close to one’s own natural color and hair style should fit within the environment for fine dining. No nail polish and perfume. Minimal jewelry – one ring per hand; stud or hoop earrings (max. ½” diameter) Tie, name tag, and apron – provided by the vista room. Name tag should be placed on the left chest. When you tie the apron, fold it twice from the upper edge and hide the strings into the fold. No sandals and shorts. POLICIES WHEN ON DUTY: Everyone must use POS system to clock-in before service and clock-out after service. - Press on “Time Card,” then enter your access code, and then press “Enter”
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- Make sure your name shows up on the top of the screen, then press “Clock In,” and then press “OK.” - Do the same steps for clock-out, but press “Clock Out” instead. Please DO NOT use the POS computer for personal use. We cannot take any chance of getting viruses from emails or the internet. No pagers or cellular phones are allowed. No eating, chewing gum or drinking (drinking is ONLY allowed inside of the office in the kitchen). No MAKE-UP lab is allowed unless you call the dining room manager at least 2 hours before you are scheduled to work. VISTA ROOM TOUR : Vista Room table numbers: (Figure 1) Table structure – Table #, small rectangular table for 2 people, square table for 2 – 4 people, and round table for 5 – 6 people. Chair numbers – The closest chair from the entry is seat # 1 and go clockwise Beverage Station – be familiar with location of every item. (Figure 2) Kitchen – Location of Soup, salad, dessert, bread, entrée counter, dishwasher, and ice machine. (Figure 3)
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Vista_RoomService_Jan_19_2011 - Vista Room(VR Service...

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