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Response_to_the_Text - at the exact time you are invited to...

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Response to the Text Please write your response to the text keeping in mind the following: 1. What questions do I have about the text? (something you did not understand or for which you would like more information) 2. How can I connect the text to experiences in my own life? 3. Read the following anecdotal story about the perception of time: In Greece, people tend to be casual about time. It is considered rude to arrive
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Unformatted text preview: at the exact time you are invited to someone’s home, because they may still be busy preparing everything for you. In fact, the words “on time” – έν ωρίs (en oris – literally on the hour ) are used to mean “early”. Please tell a very short story about attitudes towards time in your country that differ from attitudes in the U.S. (Just a sentence or two)...
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