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Problem/Solution Speech Evaluation Speaker _____________________________ Evaluator ____________________________ Topic _______________________________ rating system: + excellent + good adequate - weak - missing from presentation Content _____ Introduction caught the listener’s attention, Presentation/ Delivery _____ Problem was described adequately ______ Eye contact _____ Problem was effectively researched ______ Vitality/Naturalness _____ Solution was clearly described ______ Rapport w/audience
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Unformatted text preview: to be realistic ______ Use of notecards _____ Solution was researched if necessary ______ Spoke convincingly _____ Benefits of the solution were explained VOICE CONTROL : _____ Transitions were smooth ______Volume _____ Conclusion was effective ______ Rate _____ Content fit time limit ______ Fluency _____ Speaker answered questions well. ______ Comprehensibility Visual Aids _____ Effective use of power point or other visual aid which enhanced rather than distracted from the speakers delivery Comments...
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