Chapter 11_The cell cycle

Chapter 11_The cell cycle - The life of a cell...

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Chapter 11    THE CELL CYCLE The life of a cell. Summary *Cells – general *Cell cycle *Cell division *Prokaryotes *Eukaryotes *Mitosis *Control of the cell cycle Cells *Cell Theory: cells arise from existing cells. *2 types of cells *Somatic cells = body cells *Gametes = reproductive cells *Production of cells involves nuclear division and cell (cytoplasm) division or cytokinesis . A parent cell gives rise to daughter cells . Cells *2 types of nuclear division: *Mitosis *Meiosis *What do cells need to do to divide into 2 or more cells? The Cell Cycle *Sequence of events in the life of a cell from “birth” to cell division. 4 phases, fig 11.5 *Interphase = 3 phases: G 1 , S, and G 2 *M – Mitosis = nuclear division ***Cytokinesis = cytoplasm division *Duration: minutes to years. The variation occurs in the length of G 1 . Some cells enter a resting phase, G 0 , from G 1 . Nerve cells are in G 0 permanently. * *Interphase – 3 phases *G1 phase (gap 1) = *S phase (synthesis) = *G2 phase = 1
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Cell Division - Prokaryotes *Binary Fission *Circular DNA localized to nucleoid region *DNA replication *Cell elongates and the 2 strands segregate to opposite ends of cell. *“Septation ” – formation of a dividing membrane in the middle of the cell. *Cell divides
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Chapter 11_The cell cycle - The life of a cell...

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