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Study Guide Test 3 1. What is aphasia? 2. What is the function of Broca’s area? Werneike’s area? 3. Is there a critical time period for language development? What examples do we have? 4. What information did you learn from the video regarding neglectful parenting or the absence of exposure to language? 5. What are emotions? 6. What is emotional competence? Emotional regulation? 7. What is social referencing? 8. How does emotional development change throughout childhood? 9. What is depression? 10. Who is most likely to be depressed? Why? 11. What is cognitive appraisal? 12. What is temperament? 13. What are the different kinds of childhood temperaments (e.g. easy, difficult) 14. What is attachment? 15. What were some of the major findings related to attachment? 16. What is self-understanding? 17. How is it measured in infants? 18. What is self-esteem? 19. How does self-esteem change throughout the life span? 20. What are the different forms of identity?
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Unformatted text preview: 21. What is the crisis stage of identity? 22. What are the different identity development stages? 23. What is the relationship between parenting styles and identity development? 24. What are gender roles? 25. How are they influenced? 26. What are the genetic defects/disorders associated with gender development? 27. What are Freud’s views of gender development? 28. How do social cognitivists believe gender develops? 29. How are the ways that mothers and fathers spend time with their children different? 30. What are the differences between the things that girls and boys are taught to do/act? 31. How do peers influence gender roles? 32. How does the media influence gender roles? 33. What are the differences between gender roles across cultures? 34. What are the physical/cognitive/emotional differences between boys and girls?...
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