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Test_2_Study_Guide_spring2011 - Study Guide Test 2 1 What...

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Study Guide Test 2 1. What are the benefits of breastfeeding? 2. What are an infant’s first reflexes? a. What are examples of each? 3. What are gross vs. fine motor skills? 4. When are children expected to reach their gross motor skills milestones? 5. What are an infant’s visual preferences? 6. What is depth perception? a. How is it studied? 7. What is the sequence of stages that Piaget believed children developed? 8. What are the problems during the pre-operational stage (e.g. egocentrism)? 9. What are the substages of the pre-operational stage? 10. What is egocentrism, animism, object permanence, conservation? 11. What are the aspects of egocentrism in adolescence? a. What are some examples? 12. What is the zone of proximal development as described by Vygotsky? 13. What is scaffolding? 14. What is the lower and upper limit? 15. What are some signs of cerebral palsy in childhood? 16. What is attention? 17. How long can information be held in the short term memory? 18. What is the capacity of the short term and long term memory? 19. What are schemas?
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