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Syllabus0 (1) - ESS 3301-002 Fall 2009 Plumlee ESS...

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ESS 3301-002 Fall 2009 - Plumlee ESS 3301-001Biomechanics Spring 2010 Course Syllabus Instructor : Eric A. Plumlee Office : SSC 127 Phone : N/A Email : [email protected] Web : (lecture) ics (lab) Office Hours : F, 1:00-2:00 pm Lecture Time: MW,1:00-1:50pm Lecture Room: ESC 208 Lab Time/Location: RF, SSC 116 Text book : McGinnis, P.M. (2005). Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise (2 nd ed.). Champaign: Human Kinetics. Additional readings will be supplied as needed. Suggested Study Aids : Basic anatomy and physiology text that includes a good description of the musculoskeletal system Supplies needed : Scientific calculator, metric ruler, graph paper, protractor, computer with word processor (e.g. Word) and spreadsheet (e.g., Excel). Some supplies will be provided during lab time only. Course Description The mechanical analysis of human motion with emphases on biomechanical principles and techniques. The course emphasizes concepts of functional anatomy and the internal and external mechanical factors that affect human movement. Course material is designed to apply qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to the understanding of movement mechanisms and performance outcomes. Prerequisite: ZOOL 2403 or equivalent . Expected Learning Outcomes 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the application of biomechanical principles to human movement in various disciplines (i.e. clinical, ergonomic, sport) using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Methods for Assessment: Exams & Final, Laboratory Assignments, and Class Discussion. 2. Demonstrate the skills necessary to apply biomechanical principles to qualitatively and quantitatively assess human movement. Methods for Assessment: Exams 1-3, Laboratory Assignments,and Class Discussion. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of practical applications of basic biomechanical principles to
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Syllabus0 (1) - ESS 3301-002 Fall 2009 Plumlee ESS...

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