Chapter 4 Questions - Blake

Chapter 4 Questions - Blake - marketing settings is known...

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1. The buying of a whole company, a patent, or a license to produce someone else’s product is called : A. Idea generation B. New product development C. Acquisition D. Outsourcing 2. Original products, product improvements, product modifications, and new brands developed from the firm’s own research and development all refer to: A. Acquisition B. Offshoring C. Idea generation D. New product development 3. Sources outside the company such as customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers, and outside design firms are known as: A. External sources B. Internal sources C. Investigative sources D. Cited sources 4. ___________ refers to testing new-product concepts with groups of target consumers. A. Test marketing B. Concept testing
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C. Market testing D. Idea generation 5. The stage at which the product and marketing program are introduced into more realistic
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Unformatted text preview: marketing settings is known as: A. Concept testing B. Idea screening C. Test Marketing D. Idea generation 6. All of the following are types of test markets except: A. Standard test markets B. Controlled test markets C. Simulated test markets D. Restricted test markets 7. Which of the following is part of the international product and services marketing challenges? A. Determining what products and services to introduce in which countries B. How to harvest the product C. how to manage slowdowns in sales D. always make it standard 8. In the growth stage of product life-cycle strategies what happens to your products and profits? A. Products increase while Profits decrease B. Both decrease C. Products decrease while Profits increase D. Both increase...
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Chapter 4 Questions - Blake - marketing settings is known...

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