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Exam 2 Review_Updated

Exam 2 Review_Updated - E xam 2 Review PSY 4301-002 Chapter...

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Exam 2 Review PSY 4301-002 Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception in Infancy Differences between sensation and perception; be able to identify examples Visual perception in newborns – abilities, color discrimination o Depth perception – be familiar with procedures and results of visual cliff experiment Development/ability related to auditory perception, sense of taste and smell Chapter 5: Cognitive Development in Infancy Definitions of cognition and cognitive development Be familiar with how knowledge and learning occur in the sensorimotor stage o Name, age, and what characterizes each of the 6 sub-stages of sensorimotor development Know definitions and/or be able to identify applied examples of : schemes, assimilation, accommodation, adaptation, object permanence Criticisms of Piaget’s theory Information processing approach: definition, basic components, automatization o How memory occurs and is lost o Study Ch.5 group handout on memory
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