labreport3 - Spectroscopy Theodore A. Bieniosek I. Purpose....

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Unformatted text preview: Spectroscopy Theodore A. Bieniosek I. Purpose. The purpose of this experiment is to study the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by various light sources. The observations made from these spectra will be used to study the electron transitions between orbitals of a hydrogen atom. We will ascertain the precise energy levels associated with the emitted spectra for that hydrogen atom. II. Theory. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by atoms when they are stimulated by an outside energy source. When the atoms absorb the energy, the electrons jump to higher energy levels. When the electrons return to a lower energy level, they release the energy they had absorbed in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Energy equals the speed of light times Planck’s constant divided by wavelength, so the wavelength of the radiation depends on the energy change and therefore the difference between energy levels. In the visible spectrum, different wavelengths produce different colors. By careful observation of the colors emitted through a spectrometer, a device which splits a ray of light into its components, the energy level transitions can be calculated. The Rydberg constant times the difference of the inverse squares of the energy levels equals the energy change, so from the frequency, energy level change can be calculated. Frequency can also be calculated using the fact that the speed of light is equal to the product of frequency and wavelength....
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labreport3 - Spectroscopy Theodore A. Bieniosek I. Purpose....

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