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Assignments - everyone and in fact at one point I was also...

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Assignment 4: “X: A Fabulous Child’s Story” 1Initially when I first read a couple of paragraphs, I was really shocked. Specially by the idea of the experiment. I have heard of a lot of experiments but nothing close to this and I thought it was not a good idea at first to experiment with anyone's life. But as I progressed, I was astonished to see how it all worked out. 1Yes, I have thought about how prominent gender is in society, specially when we were in school. We had a girls side for the morning prayer and a boys side. Then as mentioned in the story, washrooms were marked different. Almost every form I have filled till now asks for “Gender”. I often thought that Gender is in fact one of the most important aspect of a human's identity in the society in various ways. 1I was surprised to see that the experiment was successful and X could pass the Psychiatrist's test without having the necessity to declare result as it being a boy or girl. I thought that due to so much offense and the dire need for everyone to find out about its gender, they might have to tell
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Unformatted text preview: everyone and in fact at one point I was also curious to find out what it was. But as I read and discovered that it was totally okay to not have a gender, I came to terms with it and the final decision of keeping the secret. I really applaud the parent's efforts. 1If we think, every parent would be worried and freak out to see something like this in real life. I totally understand their anger and reaction because we have been living with this truth of having a boy or a girl and having something new all of a sudden would be really hard to accept. No parent would want their kids to be around anything so indifferent. Children on the other hand are very vulnerable and innocent, if they find that X would be just as any other child, they might be fine with it but I am sure everyone will be stiff and rude at first because of it being neither a girl nor a boy which people think is very unusual....
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