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Kingdom of God - by Jesus in Mark 2:21-22 in the parable of...

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Kingdom of God as Defined in Mark The Kingdom of God is not a stereotypical Kingdom because it is not a place. It is a state of being in which the holy presence of God is located and where its members can enjoy God’s love and the protection and sense of wellbeing that it brings. In order to gain admittance into the Kingdom of God, one must repent for his sins and have complete and total faith in God by doing whatever is asked of him by God. In chapter eight of Mark’s Gospel Jesus says that his true followers would have to take up a cross and go through suffering in order to maintain membership in the Kingdom of God. One important point that is emphasized about the Kingdom of God is that it is a new covenant. There is no way that the Kingdom could be added to the religious system of the Jews. This expressed
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Unformatted text preview: by Jesus in Mark 2:21-22 in the parable of the new wine and old wineskins. Jesus says that when new wine is made, they do not put it in old wineskins instead, they use new wineskins so that they do not crack. The wine represents the Kingdom of God and the old wineskins represent the old religious system. The Kingdom of God is something that one can enter with his soul. If a person has total faith in God and is willing live a good and moral life, he may enter the Kingdom and gain grace and salvation. The community of the Kingdom of God is one in which its members forgive each other and feel a sense of brotherhood. By entering the Kingdom of God, a person can figure out his life and discover God’s will for him. God rewards the members of the Kingdom through salvation by granting them admittance into Heaven....
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