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Special Problems for ME 200 - Spring 2011 Problems Due on April 15, 2011 SP33: Water as saturated liquid at 1 bar enters a pump operating at steady state and is pumped isentropically to a pressure of 50 bar. Kinetic and potential energy effects are negligible. (a) Determine the pump work input (kJ/kg) using Eq. 6.51(c). (b) Calculate the pump work input (kJ/kg) using an energy balance. (c) Starting with Eq. 6.10(b), show that h 2 h 1 = v ave ( P 2 P 1 ) and calculate v ave ( P 2 P 1 ) for the pump. (d) Compare the results of (a), (b), and (c). Comment on the results.
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Unformatted text preview: SP34: A solar power plant operates on a Rankine cycle with Refrigerant 134a as its working fluid. The turbine and pump operate adiabatically. The rate of energy input to the collectors from solar radiation is 0.4 kW/m 2 of collector surface area. Assume isentropic turbine and no pressure drop in condenser or solar collector. P 2 = 6 bar. (a) Determine the solar collector surface area (m 2 ) per kW of power developed by the solar power plant. (b) Discuss possible operational improvements that could reduce the required collector surface area....
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