Chem 177 Naming Compounds-Ch2

Chem 177 Naming Compounds-Ch2 - -ate nitr ate NO 3-sulf ate...

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CHEM 177 Naming Compounds 1 Naming Inorganic Compounds 1. metal cations having only 1 possible charge state: name = metal followed by ion Group 1A (+1), 2A (+2), Al 3+ , Zn 2+ , and Ag + 2. Metal cations having multiple possible charge states: name = metal (charge state – Roman numerals) followed by ion older nomenclature: lower charge state – suffix: -ous larger charge state – suffix: -ic 3. Cations formed from nonmetals (polyatomic cations): -ium ion Know: hydronium ion H 3 O + ammonium ion NH 4 + 4. Monoatomic anions – replace end of elemental name by -ide name = First part of element name - ide followed by ion Know: Group 7A or 17 (– 1), rows 1 – 5 Group 6A or 16 (– 2), rows 1 – 5 N 3- 5. Simple polyatomic ions: Know: OH - hydroxide CN - cyanide O 2 2- peroxide 6. Oxyanions – oxygen containing polyatomic anions Only need to know the name of the common or representative anion Know the rules. + 1 O atom per- -ate per chlor ate ClO 4 - common representative
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Unformatted text preview: -ate nitr ate NO 3-sulf ate SO 4 2-chlor ate ClO 3-– 1 O atom-ite nitr ite NO 2-sulf ite SO 3 2-chlor ite ClO 2-– 2 O atoms hypo--ite hypo chlor ite ClO-CHEM 177 Naming Compounds 2 An H + can be attached to an oxyanion to form a new oxyanion: Name: prefix indication # of H + name of anion ion 7. Names of ionic compounds: cation name followed by anion name 8. Names of acids A. Acids with anions with names ending in – ide. hydro first syllable of anion name ic acid Know: hydrochloric acid HCl B. Acids of oxyanions-ate - ic & acid-ite -ous & acid Naming binary molecular compounds (2 nonmetals) Use prefixes to indicate number of atoms in molecule. prefix first nonmetal in formula prefix next nonmetal in formula CO carbon mono xide N 2 O 5 di nitrogen pento xide Table 2.6 Prefix # mono 1 di 2 tri 3 tetra 4 penta 5 hexa 6 hepta 7 octa 8 nona 9 deca 10...
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Chem 177 Naming Compounds-Ch2 - -ate nitr ate NO 3-sulf ate...

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