Internet Roots - It's important to remember the Internet's...

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It's important to remember the Internet's roots JANUARY 3RD, 2010 | As the second decade of the new millennium begins, a major issue that will increasingly confront governments is whether the Internet is becoming so integral to day-to-day life that access to the Internet should be considered a basic human right. The governments of Finland and Spain considered the question and concluded that the answer is Yes. Both countries will guarantee their citizens that they will have access to at least one-megabyte service at a fixed price anywhere in the country. Following their lead should be a slam-dunk for other developed nations. Unfortunately, some governments are moving in the opposite direction. Hectored by the large music labels and Hollywood film studios, governments in countries such as the UK and France want to let Internet Service Providers simply pull the plug on customers that engage in file-sharing of music and films. The record labels are tired of having to go to court to have file-sharing teenagers and grandmothers declared law-breakers and be saddled with fines of millions of dollars that they have no ability to pay. Pulling the plug would be a lot cheaper and faster. It is also draconian. Pulling the plug on, say, a
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Internet Roots - It's important to remember the Internet's...

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