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CHEMISTRY 177L “GENERAL CHEMISTRY LAB I” Course SYLLABUS FALL 2011 INSTRUCTORS: Office: Phone: E-Mail: Office Hours: Prof. Thomas Greenbowe 3051 Gilman Hall (515) 294-4050 Friday 10:05-10:45 AM Hoover Hall (Room TBD) Tuesday 11:00 AM 3051Gilman or by appointment Ms. Christie L. Beck TBD (515) 294-2165 Temporary Instructor Monday 3 pm, Tuesday 1 pm or by appointment WWW ADDRESS: BlackBoard ADDRESS: L Chem 177L and 177 are co-requisite courses, i.e., students in Chem 177L are required to take Chem 177 at the same time or to have already received credit in 177. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you will not get credit for Chem 177L. Students who drop Chem 177L will be required to drop 177 and vice versa. REQUIRED ITEMS: (1) LABORATORY TEXT: Chem 177L Laboratory Manual 2010, Hayden-McNeil. ISBN 978-0-7380-4506-1 . (2) LABORATORY NOTEBOOK: Student Lab Notebook, Hayden-McNeil. ISBN 1-930882-50-5 or 1-930882-23-8 (3) SAFETY EYEWEAR: UVEX — Model S040C Safety Glasses or Jones & Co. Visorgogs or Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing “Sapphire” safety glasses. Safety eyewear may be purchased at the bookstore. Other styles or types of protective eyewear will NOT be permitted without written approval from the department safety officer. Safety eyewear is REQUIRED in the laboratory. Protective aprons and gloves are available in the laboratory. You may wish to leave your eyewear in your laboratory tray from week to week. LABORATORY REPORTS and the LABORATORY NOTEBOOK: Your laboratory instructor will discuss the laboratory notebook and laboratory report at the check-in session during the first week of class. Grading of laboratory reports is based on satisfactory completion of all sections of the report. A grading rubric outlining how each experiment will be graded is found on pages 29-32 of the laboratory manual. Your TA may require you to turn in the yellow-colored copies of your lab report prior to you leaving
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