Analysis #1 - peace sign is an insult while in America it...

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Quavia Carter Mrs. Nelson/ ENC 1102-0029 September 7, 2010 Analysis #1
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The part of the reading that captured me was the story of the marked fingers. This story caught my attention over all the other stories I read in this chapter because one, I never heard of it and two, it opened my eyes in realizing that different gestures, and sometimes the same gestures can be interpreted to mean different things. In this story the fingers that were marked as purple when the Iraqis voted was a sign that was interpreted differently to everyone. Some people saw it as a sign as “support for democracy, defiance to terrorist threats and even resistance to U.S. occupation” (chapter 1, page 3). Everybody saw this sign as a different meaning, but I wonder what the meaning of the “purple finger” was to the Iraqis? Thinking this question has sparked my memory of someone telling me that the peace sign that you make with your fingers actually means “F U” in China. In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland the
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Unformatted text preview: peace sign is an insult, while in America it is a sign of “Free Love” and “Peace”. From this I learned that the most subtle of movements can be considered innocent to one person, but also an insult to another. The “marked” finger that was purple in Iraq was turned red in Zimbabwe as a sign that they were forced to vote. I believe color is also a factor in symbolism. Red, for example, can be argued as meaning blood, victory, and even happiness. The change of color but similar action changed the whole meaning of the “marked” fingers. This also reminds me of the Swastika symbol. The Swastika symbol once meant “good luck” or was considered a lucky charm until Hitler came and turned the symbol into fear by turning the symbol another direction and giving it the colors red and black. Signs are everywhere and mean different things to everyone. Little changes in symbols that mean nothing to one person can cause a huge argument for hundreds of other people....
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Analysis #1 - peace sign is an insult while in America it...

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