Notas de 2.14.11

Notas de 2.14.11 - Notas de Las Teoras de Modernizacin y...

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Notas de 2/14/2011 Las Teorías de Modernización y Dependencia Page 5 ILA: We see the social and political climate of LA in the years before the advent of Modernization and Dependency theory Positivism: - identified progress with social order and institutions - functioned as the guiding philosophy for Porfirio Diaz’s tyrannical presidency that began in 1876 and culminated in 1910-1911 with the Mexican Revolution - Positivism also influenced leaders of the Brazilian republican movement (which toppled the monarchy in 1889); Brazilian flag: ordem e progresso - These negative evaluations of what was distinctively LA and positive evaluations of US imperialism led to a reaction by Latin Americans like Jose Martí Modernización: liberalism (capitalismo) Dependencia: Marxism (socialismo) Liberalism : favors the free market; distinguished by its interests in issues of individual freedom which leads it to favor a free market capitalist economic system and liberal democracy. Es la influencia dominante dentro de economia Marxism: Capitalism leads to the oppression of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie Marxism places emphasis on collectivities (bourgeoisie/proletariat) and on their unequal access to material resources and power, on issues of inequality and the struggles for emancipation by oppressed groups Modernization : Talcot Pearsons presents it as a move from a traditional society, in which individual
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Notas de 2.14.11 - Notas de Las Teoras de Modernizacin y...

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