Reconstruction Final 05.05.10

Reconstruction Final 05.05.10 - of racial equality...

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Reconstruction Final The Civil War though ended in a Confederate defeat and allowed for the freedom  and civil rights to be awarded to African Americans fueled a resistance toward the  sudden equality between blacks and whites. In 1865, American commenced in its  Reconstruction, mostly to address and amend the issues of social status, civil and voting  rights of African Americans.  However, resistance groups to this Reconstruction effort,  such as the Ku Klux Klan created havoc and violence, which ultimately let towards the  Reconstruction’s demise in 1877. Through Reconstruction, many of the Radical Republicans wanted immediate  consideration for the equality of blacks in the South states that has seceded. In an article  in Harper’s Weekly  Reconstruction: Radicalism vs. Conservatism  by John Adler he  described some of the views of Radical Republicans and also Conservatives on the issue 
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Unformatted text preview: of racial equality throughout the southern states. He mentioned that, “The Radical goal of racial equality was to be accomplished by imposing strict political, legal, and constitutional requirements on the former Confederate states before they would be allowed to rejoin the Union” since racial equality was an incessant issue in the South. They knew of the opposition still held by former Confederates towards black equality and they strongly impressed its reform. On the other hand, Conservatives, such as the current president, Andrew Johnson, “opposed such prerequisites on Constitutional and social grounds and advocated a quick and lenient Reconstruction instead” Adler notes, since Johnson himself was from the South and had the similar obdurate view of racial equality....
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Reconstruction Final 05.05.10 - of racial equality...

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