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Focus Questions Question 1 - In my opinion, I do believe...

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Unformatted text preview: In my opinion, I do believe that the questions relayed to Jews, from Napoleon, were of exclusion and not inclusion. The very way Napoleon states the instructions, to the Assembly of Jewish Notables saying The conduct of many among those of your persuasion has excited complaintsthese complaints were founded on truth; and nevertheless, his majesty has been satisfied with stopping the progress of the evil and wished to hear you on the means of providing a remedy proves extremely exclusionary. He basically deduces that this evil, the Jewish customs/religion, needs a remedy, as if it is a disease of some sort that could possibly infect the rest of France. Additionally in Christian Wilhelm von Dohms Civic Betterment, he states that in order for Jews and non-Jews to live in tolerance of one another, Jews must change to become...
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