Lecture 9e - Module 1, DVD, The Supermemorist

Lecture 9e - Module 1, DVD, The Supermemorist - ME? 1. If...

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Module 1: The Scope & History of Psychology Introductory DVD: The Brain, #20, “Advice of a Super-memorist” I. Introduction: demonstration of amazing feats of memory. Establishment of the credibility of the “super-memorist.” II. First piece of advice. Look to MOTIVATION. A. What’s your motivation for taking this course? B. Reason: Motivation is neurologically linked to MEMORY. 1. Memory is critical in learning. 2. Memory is critical in taking quizzes. 3. Memory is critical in succeeding in this course. III. Second: Engage in ACTIVE LISTENING. A. Don’t just sit there blankly recording the lecture in your notes. B. Ask yourself: “How does this theme relate to the BIG PICTURE of this course? How does this detail relate to the topic we’re exploring today?” C. Ask yourself: “Why does this piece of information make a difference to
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Unformatted text preview: ME? 1. If it doesnt seem to make a difference to you personally, try to MAKE it relate to you because its useful, its interesting, its beautiful. 2. If you can find some way to convince yourself of this, you will be increasing your chances of REMEMBERING that material. IV. Once the class is over, review your notes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, filling in any gaps, and underlining or highlighting significant points. V. Attend every class. VI. Pay attention to CONTEXT. A. Choose one particular room either at home or at school for studying psychology. (Cf. method of loci in the text.) B. If possible, review material directly in the classroom where you have acquired it. C. By doing these things, you will increase your store of sensory associations, and this will aid MEMORY. VII. DISTIBUTE your PRACTICE....
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