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Carnegie Mellon University Department of Mathematical Sciences 21-259 Calculus in 3 Dimensions Review Exam 1, Fall, 2010 Your exam shall consist of problems similar to the homework and quiz problems . Please prepare by practicing these problems. Calculators, notes, and texts will not be permitted during the exam. Instructions: You must show all of your work to receive full credit. Partial credit will only be considered if your work is neat and indicates an understanding of the problem and method of solution. Outline: 1. Section 10.1, Three Dimensional Coordinate System . Here you must know the distance formula in three dimensions, and the equation of a sphere. Exam questions will most likely be from other sections. 2. Section 10.2, Vectors . Know the main ideas about vectors, and what a unit vector is and how to get one. Again, questions on the exam will likely be taken from other sections. 3. Section 10.3,
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