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FinalReview - MATH 127 Final Exam Review Friday Proof...

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MATH 127: Final Exam Review Friday, April 29, 2011 Proof Techniques/Topics Direct Algebraic Proofs - Equalities/Inequalities Double Containment Proofs Proof by cases (exhaustion) Proof by contrapositive Proof by contradiction Counterexamples Induction/Strong Induction Bijections/Injections/Surjections Cardinality and Diagonalization Proofs Counting 2 ways Divisibility/GCDs Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic Equivalence Relations Modular Arithmetic Fermat’s Little Theorem Wilson’s Theorem Pigeonhole Principle Principle of Inclusion/Exclusion Short Answer/Computations Translating sentences/negating sentences Countable/Uncountable sets Combinations Permutations - definition/cycle notation/even and odd/disjoint cycles Euclidean Algorithm Diophantine Equations Linear Congruences/Inverses Chinese Remainder Theorem
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Conditional Probability Bayes Theorem Multinomial Coefficients
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