Homework 1 Quest - phases is equal. 4. Equations of State...

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Homework 1 Some Warmups Thermo ll Fall 2010 Due:  August 31, 2010 in class. The math in Thermo is typically simpler that say, in fluid mechanics or heat  transfer albeit is can be a little drawn out.  The math amounts to taking partial  derivatives and expressing differentials.  Such things tend to be forgotten, so  before we run into them, below are some practice exercises. 1. f(x, y, t) = 2x 2 y + 3t + ln(y) + yt 2 Show your work and determine the following (a) f x (b) f y (c) f t (d) f xy 2. f(x,y) = ln(xy) + 2x + 3y What is  df  equal to? 3. Seeing is believing.  There are a number of criteria for equilibrium.  One is  the equality of Gibbs Energy.  Using the Steam Tables, show that for liquid  water in equilibrium with its vapor at 200  o C, that the Gibbs Energy of both 
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Unformatted text preview: phases is equal. 4. Equations of State (EOS) predict what phases and their densities can be present at particular values of T and P. Some possible things that can exist and thus are predicted by EOS are stable or metastable. Using some examples from the Stream Tables, show that the entries in the Steam Tables correspond to stable phases of liquid and gaseous water based on the mechanical stability criterion. 5. Apart from the possibility that your roommate is a slob and scatters stuff everywhere, explain why the following is true: An alive organism, despite being organized, has a positive entropy generation term in an overall entropy accounting scheme....
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Homework 1 Quest - phases is equal. 4. Equations of State...

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