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Homework 4 Thermo ll Fall 2010 Numbered problems from Sandler, 4 th edition. Due: Oct 11, 2010 in class. 1. Getting lost in variable meanings and the chain rule is one hurdle that obstructs the understanding of ideas that are not really that exotic. So to deal with this, show all the steps in obtaining Eq. 8.6.2 from 8.6.1. 2. Show that the partial molar volume data in Table 8.6-2 follows the Gibbs-Duhem Relationship. Use numbers where three different compositions are tested that fall
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Unformatted text preview: over the mole fraction range. 3. Problem 8.20. Find only the partial molar volumes (i.e. do not do part b). You do not have to do all the compositions, but span the composition range by obtaining 3 or 4 values. 4. In a binary system, what values of the mole fractions will maximize the entropy of mixing. Here, assume that the entropy of mixing is for an ideal gas mixture. Does your answer make physical sense?...
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