SPCM3820 Notes 4 - 6-6-2010 Communication and Tou rism...

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Unformatted text preview: 6-6-2010 Communication and Tou rism Ecotourism- emphasizes appreciation for conservation of the environment E xample: Toxic Tourism in Louisiana (Cancer Alley) M edical Tourism- t ravelling to other count ries for medical procedures (lower prices) Cultural/Heritage Tourism- focus on unique cultural aspects of location Example: local community fiesta (fundraiser for aqua duct) Benefits of tourism - Educational - Experience culture - Contributes to economy - Socially responsible tourism o Bar tering o t rying clothes on o aware of customs E xploitation/objectification - walk into their houses - touch their things - taking pictures Communication challenges: Staged authenticity Foreign language Social Norms and expectations - ex: bargaining Culture Shock Host attitudes - retreatism - resistance - boundary management - revitalization/adoption Relationship is limi ted, temporary, and commercialized Emphasize cultural learning as a by- product of tourism - unique to study abroad program - able to learn culture in ways others are not able to o speakers o interaction with locals o indigenous encounters Cultu re, Communication, & Conflict E xamples of different cultures that have different types of conflict styles ...
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SPCM3820 Notes 4 - 6-6-2010 Communication and Tou rism...

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