SPCM3820 Ch 9 Notes - SPCM3820 Chapter 9: Interracial...

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SPCM3820 Chapter 9: Interracial Communication in the Context of Organizations Organizational communication : an interdisciplinary area of interest that has foundations in management. It involves exchanging messages to stimulate meaning within and between organizations and their environments. Concepts about organizations: 1. It is a social collectivity (group of people) where coordinated activities achieve both individual and collective goals. 2. These activities provide a structure that enables organizational members to deal effectively with each other within the larger organizational environment. 3. In terms of communication, it is a process that is transactional and symbolic. Scientific Management Theory: a prescriptive approach to the workplace is the best method for achieving the task, which in turn maximizes efficiency. This theory places great importance on cooperation on the part of organizational members, and communication between worker and employer enables the employer to direct and control the worker’s behaviors, thus facilitating work standardization and planning. Six principles: 1. There is “one best way” to perform a task or job. 2. Employees should be scientifically selected and improved, based on skills and expertise to increase productivity. 3. Workers are monetarily motivated. 4. Management plans the work and laborers follow through with the plan (cooperation vs. individuality). 5. Clearly defined rules, regulations and roles create harmony within the organization. 6. Loafing should be eliminated. Administrative Management Theory:
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SPCM3820 Ch 9 Notes - SPCM3820 Chapter 9: Interracial...

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