SPCM3820 Ch 7 Notes - SPCM3820 Chapter 7: I nterracial F...

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Unformatted text preview: SPCM3820 Chapter 7: I nterracial F riendships F riendship : a relational context that provides a tremendous opportunity for relational learning and growth.-Friendships are established by choice and are voluntary in nature, but is still rewarding and offers intimacy and connection to friends. -Different from family relationships, they can be initiated and terminated for a variety of reasons and do not have the expectation that it will last a lifetime.-Defined by LeCroy as “a mutual involvement between two people that is characterized by affection, satisfaction, enjoyment, openness, respect, and a sense of feeling important to the other.” Racial reconciliation : the process of healing the racial tensions and bridging the racial divide that exist between races. Bar riers to I nter racial F r iendships 1. Stereotypes that people have of each other prior to the initiation of a relationship. Negative stereotypes make interracial communication difficult to maintain or impossible, thus hindering the development of these friendships. 2. M istrust by one or both relational partners. The history of race relations has led to long-standing mistrust and suspicion between racial/ethnic groups....
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SPCM3820 Ch 7 Notes - SPCM3820 Chapter 7: I nterracial F...

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