PSYC1101_Memory_II - Memory Storage and Retrieval 6/18/10...

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Memory Storage and Retrieval 6/18/10 I. Meaning a. Memories are stored according to meaning b. Facilitates later retrieval II. Levels of processing model -Items encoded more deeply have more meaning -Items with greater meaning are more easily retrieved -The more deeply the material is processed, the better it is remembered 2 types of rehearsal: a. Maintenance rehearsal i. Simple repetition ii. Leads to shallower encoding b. Elaborative rehearsal i. Encoding an item by linking it to existing items in long term memory III. Schemas a. Hypothetical cognitive structure b. Helps us perceive, organize, process, and use information c. YouTube video: schema d. Have both good and bad features IV. Associative networks -Proposed by Collins and Loftus -Items distinctive features are linked for identification a. Node i. Each unit of information ii. Each one is connected to other nodes iii. Patterns of node activation lead to recognition b. Spreading activation i. An items characteristics and associates are linked to it ii. The closer the nodes the stronger the association will be iii. Activating one node increases the likelihood that closely associated nodes will also be activated V. Retrieval -Reactivation or reconstruction of experiences from memory stores
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PSYC1101_Memory_II - Memory Storage and Retrieval 6/18/10...

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