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The Scientific Method and Descriptive Research Studies 5/19/10 I. 4 Goals of Scientific Inquiry 1. Describe: What happens? 2. Predict: When (or under what circumstances) does it happen? 3. Control: How do we cause it to happen? 4. Explain: Why does it happen? II. The Scientific Method a. Develop a Theory -Theory: a set of logically consistent statements about some phenomenon -A good theory should: make predictions that are testable, account for existing research, not be overly complicated (Ockham’s razor or Parsimony) b. Formulate a Specific Hypothesis i. Hypothesis: a specific, testable prediction from a theory 1. A theory which does not generate specific, testable predictions is not a scientific theory ii. Operational Definitions 1. Because psychologists often deal with somewhat abstract aspects of behavior and mental processes, variable frequently must be operationalized 2. Operational definition a. The operations or actions that will be used to measure a variable b. Defines a psychological process as something
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PSYC1101_Methods_I (1) - 1 The Scientific Method and...

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