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7 The collar A. shown in Fig, P3~7is free to slide on the smooth rod Be. Determine the forces exerted on the collar by the cable and by the rod when the force F "" 900Ib is ap- plied to the collar. If:= 900 Ib Fig. P3·7 Hint: No friction is applicable since it is free to slide.
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Unformatted text preview: Draw a force body diagram. ~ F"I :: 0 ~ T to <; ;). . {? -N u> ~ , rF --l( _ ''< ':2'" =-N ee;:>J;' C1 /' [). = {):;'-,/0 c>-T.-S i~ 20 s: #., :"'bO , , L F.-::;-f.:: 7190.' I (...
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