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KIC000007 - applied to the wrench using MATLAB determine(a...

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o 50lb z v 120 0 ~ B 15 in. 7 in. A x A lug nut wrench isused to remove the lug nut on atire. The arm OA of the wrench isalong the axisof the bolt holding the nut (the v-axis) and the wrench OABisin the x-v plane. If avertical 50 Ibforce (acting inthe negative z-direction)is applied to the wrench, using MATLABdetermine:
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Unformatted text preview: applied to the wrench, using MATLAB determine: (a) The total moment exerted on the nut at (b) The magnitude of the component of the moment acting on the nut that is effective in loosening the nut...
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