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KIC000008 - Math 265 §G2 Quiz 2 Carry out the solution of...

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Unformatted text preview: ! Math 265 §G2 Quiz 2 2011/09/02 Carry out the solution of each problem, requested. (Dj;! V Give exact answers unless decimal approximations are Show all work. Mere oracular answers will receive no credit. io- and 20' with the vertical. Find the magnitude of the tension force in each cable. Round your answer to the nearest 0.1 newton. 1. On object weighing 50 newtons is suspended by two cables that make angles of 70-7).1\10 ~ to ~;I\ 20 ~ ~"'c'S;" l~ Q)-o..<.0510 ,;- b [6).5 ;;(Cl-:.So ~l".1 r!) cACOSIO + _\ 2, Find pro]; u if u = 3 i + 2j +k and v = i + 5 j - 3 k. ...
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