KIC000009 - and(4-1,5 7 1 D as a diameter...

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Math 265 §G2 Quiz 1 2011/08/26 Ii Carry out the solution of each problem. Give exact answers unless decimal approximations are requested. Show all work. Mere oracular answers will receive no credit. / DI( 1. Find the equation of a sphere that has the line segment joining (-2,3,6)
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Unformatted text preview: and (4, -1,5) 7 1 D as a diameter. d(~rv&k(:: '"0r:(-l{--C--2--~?--. .\--(--1--~3 j--'2.-.-r ~\5---v y-I ~ :-63 (O!lCu~-,~-z (~!J ~ \ (-/ ..... \ . .J !-\-"7 'c--...
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