Math119FinalS11 - Math 119 Name: ________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 119 Name: ________________________ FINAL MATH 119 – SPRING 2011 – KUNIYUKI 126 POINTS TOTAL, BUT 120 POINTS = 100% Show all work, simplify as appropriate, and use “good form and procedure” (as in class). No notes or books allowed. A scientific calculator is allowed. You may detach the attached tables and write on them. Turn in the tables with your test, but any work written on them will not be graded. When rounding , round off to at least four decimal places or four significant digits, whichever is more detailed . Round off final z values to two decimal places. Round off final t and ¡ 2 values to three decimal places. Assume that finite population correction factors do not apply. Do not use continuity corrections. FOR MORE SPACE, USE THE BACKS OF THESE SHEETS. CLEARLY NUMBER THE PROBLEM YOU ARE CONTINUING. FOR PROBLEM 1, USE THE P-VALUE METHOD OF HYPOTHESIS TESTING. Remember to: • State the null and alternative hypotheses using notation (as in class), and identify which is the claim. • Compute the value of the appropriate test statistic. • Give the corresponding P-value. • State whether or not the null hypothesis is rejected; this is your “decision.” • Write your final conclusion relative to the claim using the kind of wording we used in class. 1) (19 points). The average income of adults living in Capital City last year was $38,000, and the standard deviation of such incomes was $6000. We take a random sample of 60 adults living in Capital City who graduated from Capital...
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Math119FinalS11 - Math 119 Name: ________________________...

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