Math119Quiz1S11 - Math 119 Name: _ QUIZ 1 (CHAPTERS 1-4)...

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Math 119 Name: ________________________ QUIZ 1 (CHAPTERS 1-4) MATH 119 – SPRING 2011 – KUNIYUKI 105 POINTS TOTAL, BUT 100 POINTS = 100% Show all work, simplify as appropriate, and use “good form and procedure” (as in class). Box in your final answers! No notes or books allowed. A scientific calculator is allowed. Check one: Can you easily print files from the class web site? Yes. I do not need copies of exam solutions made for me. No. Please provide me with copies of exam solutions. 1) (4 points). The prices of new cars at a car dealership are recorded. A frequency table for all of those prices is given below. Fill out the relative frequency column. Write out the entries as decimals rounded off to three decimal places. Car price Frequency Relative Frequency Under $15,000 8 $15,000 - $24,999 15 $25,000 - $34,999 13 $35,000 and Over 6
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(8 points). The numbers of students enrolled in 15 classes at Colbert College are given below. Do a stem-and-leaf plot of the 15 enrollment numbers, which are as follows: 41 34 33 40 21 51 47 26 60 58 45 26 55 52 37 3) (33 points total). A judge at a talent competition gives the following scores (in points) for five singers: Singer Score (in points) Christina 68 Gaga 81 Justin 68 Katy 84 Simon 74 a) (4 points). Find the mean of these scores. Show work! b) (4 points). Find the median score. c) (4 points). Find the mode of these scores. d)
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Math119Quiz1S11 - Math 119 Name: _ QUIZ 1 (CHAPTERS 1-4)...

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