Math119Quiz2S11 - Math 119 Name: _ QUIZ 2 (SECTION 4-6,...

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Math 119 Name: ________________________ QUIZ 2 (SECTION 4-6, CHAPTER 5) MATH 119 – SPRING 2011 – KUNIYUKI 105 POINTS TOTAL, BUT 100 POINTS = 100% Show all work, simplify as appropriate, and use “good form and procedure” (as in class). Box in your final answers! No notes or books allowed. A scientific calculator is allowed. You may detach the attached tables on the back and write on them, but turn them in with your test. Nothing you write on the tables will be graded. 1) (3 points). Which of the following is equal to 500 C 300 ? Box in one: a. 500! 300! b. 500! 200! c. 500! 300!200! FROM THIS POINT ON, DO NOT LEAVE P , C , OR FACTORIALS IN YOUR FINAL ANSWER. SIMPLIFY COMPLETELY! YOUR ANSWERS TO 2) THROUGH 5) WILL BE INTEGERS (“SIMPLE NUMBERS”). SHOW SOME WORK JUSTIFYING YOUR ANSWERS; DON’T JUST WRITE ANSWERS. Note : None of these answers is “one” or “none.” Some people get confused by what these kinds of problems are asking! 2) (5 points). Mr. Burns has nine employees. He requires four tasks to be done, each by a different employee. He will tell one of his employees to get him some coffee. Another will get him some Krispy Kreme donuts. Another will walk his dog. Another will mail a bribe to the local congressman. In how many ways can the four tasks be assigned among the nine employees?
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Math119Quiz2S11 - Math 119 Name: _ QUIZ 2 (SECTION 4-6,...

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