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Math 141 Name: ________________________ MIDTERM 4 – PART 1 (CHAPTERS 5 AND 6) MATH 141 – SPRING 2011 – KUNIYUKI 150 POINTS TOTAL: 57 FOR PART 1, AND 93 FOR PART 2 Show all work, simplify as appropriate, and use “good form and procedure” (as in class). Box in your final answers! No notes or books allowed. • Write units in your final answers where appropriate. • Try to avoid rounding intermediate results; if you do round off, do it to at least five significant digits. • We assume that all vectors on this test are in the usual xy -plane. PART 1: SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS ALLOWED! (57 POINTS TOTAL) 1) Find the length of Side c for the triangle below using the Law of Sines. Round off your answer to the nearest tenth (i.e., to one decimal place) of an inch. (9 points)
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