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CHAPTER 0: Preliminary Topics 0.1: Sets of Numbers 0.2: Logic 0.3: Rounding 0.4: Absolute Value and Distance 0.5: Exponents and Radicals: Laws and Forms 0.6: Polynomial, Rational, and Algebraic Expressions 0.7: Factoring Polynomials 0.8: Factoring Rational and Algebraic Expressions 0.9: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 0.10: More Algebraic Manipulations 0.11: Solving Equations 0.12: Solving Inequalities 0.13: The Cartesian Plane and Circles 0.14: Lines 0.15: Plane and Solid Geometry 0.16: Variation • This chapter will introduce and review concepts, skills, techniques, and formulas needed in precalculus and calculus.
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