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ch1 - Words like “succulent” and “spicy” appeal to...

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Comm 319 Textbook assignment 1 Chapter 1: question 3 (a) Students in a college sociology class achieve the rhetorical purpose of altering perception when they must use a wheelchair for a full day to go anywhere and record their observations of how people interact. Anyone can study about life in a wheelchair, but experiencing it leads to truer understanding. George Washington once wrote, “The truth is the people must feel before they will see,” which explains the advantage to putting oneself in another person’s situation to understand their point of view. The sociology students were able to experience the same feelings as those that use a wheelchair everyday and consequently altered their own perception. (b) Food critics employ the rhetorical purpose of creating virtual experience through extensive sensory detail about a meal.
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Unformatted text preview: Words like “succulent” and “spicy” appeal to the reader who can recall a similar dining experience. Effective communication occurs when the reader’s image of the food is parallel to the image the food critic wished to produce. In this scenario, the critic seeks to create virtual image that will instill a craving for the real encounter. The words immediately caught my attention and I literally had a virtual experience. (c) When it’s Girl Scout cookie time, Girl Scouts hope to achieve the rhetorical purpose of initiating action by going door-to-door asking individuals to sign their pledge cards and order. It is a widely held belief that Girl Scout Cookies are delicious, but people don’t get to enjoy them until the Girl Scout shows up at their to initiate the action of purchasing the treats....
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