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MATH 150 HW: CHAPTER 5 SPRING 2009 Write your name and class and clearly separate sections! See the syllabus. Show work where appropriate, and use “good form and procedure,” as in class! This is due when you take the Quiz on Chapter 5. Graded out of 15 points. “*” denotes “See Hint below.” Read some of the book’s Examples for additional assistance. Lots of cool stuff on my web site – Notes for Chapter 5! 5.1: 1-63 odd, 67, Look at 69 Typo in Example 3, p.244: There is a missing ‘2’ in the last denominator. 5.2: 9-49 odd, 63 Warning: In the Student's Solutions Manual , the authors sometimes forget to write u out in terms of x in the final answer; in this sense, the manual does not complete some of the problems.
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Unformatted text preview: 5.3: 1 5.4: 17-35 odd, go back to: 1, 5, 13 5.5: 1-9 odd, 15, 17, 21, 25, 27 5.6: 3-37* odd, 41, 43 Hint on #11: If youre clever, you can reduce your workload here. Hint on #25, 35: If youre clever, theres very little work! Hint on #37: You may use the result we found in class regarding the value of the relevant integral. 5.7: 9, 11, 29 Note on #9: The exact answer is 8 0.392699 . You will learn how to work out this integral exactly in Math 151. Note: If I put related questions on exams, I will give you the formulas for the Trapezoidal Rule and Simpsons Rule. Note: There are error bounds for these two rules on p.294 and p.297. Then, look at Problem #27....
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