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MATH 150 HW: CHAPTER 7 SPRING 2009 Write your name and class and clearly separate sections! See the syllabus. You should photocopy your homework for future reference. Show work where appropriate, and use “good form and procedure,” as in class! This is due at the Final, though you should finish it before our last quiz. Graded out of 15 points. “*” denotes “See Hint below.” Read some of the book’s Examples for additional assistance. START DESIGNING YOUR SHEET OF NOTES FOR THE FINAL! 7.1: Skip. 7.2: 1-21 odd, 25, 27, 31-35 all, 39-47 odd*, 56* Note on 39, 41, 43: The back of the book gives simplified answers. Try to get them! Look at 49-52 for some applications. Note on 56: This comes up in the series part of Calc II. You may give an informal argument. Begin by considering what happens between x = 0
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Unformatted text preview: and x = 1, and then use derivatives to complete the solution. 7.3: 1-31 odd, 37*, 43 Note on 37: Just show that ± 1 is the only critical number, and stop there. Look at the applications in the Exercise set, especially #55. #51 is neat, too. Look at the bottom of p.396 for an application. 7.4: 1-43 odd, 47ac Look at 45, 48, 50. Warning: In the Student's Solutions Manual , the authors sometimes forget to write u out in terms of x in the final answer; in this sense, the manual does not complete some of the problems. Look back at Section 7.2: 31-34 all! Look familiar? 7.5: 1-41 odd Look at the applications in the Exercise set, notably #49, 50, 52, 53. (See Warning for 7.4.) Note: The solutions manual uses another method on problems where you will probably use logarithmic differentiation. 7.6: Skip....
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