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Math150Section0406 - MATH 150 SECTION 4.6 OPTIMIZATION Note...

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MATH 150 SECTION 4.6: OPTIMIZATION Note: These are guidelines, not official rules. You can be more creative! SETTING UP THE PROBLEM Step 1: Read the problem. Step 2: Set up a diagram, a table, etc. • Indicate what is given, and introduce variables as necessary. Step 3: Write the primary equation (PE). • Identify the variable that we are trying to maximize or minimize. For this handout, let’s call this variable “ A ” for convenience. • Write an equation that expresses A in terms of the other variables. Sometimes, you may want to write an “easier” equation involving A , first, and then solve for A . Step 4: Write any relevant secondary equations (SEs). • These are constraints imposed by other given information in the problem, basic relationships (for example, diameter = 2*radius, Pythagorean Thm.), etc. • These equations indicate relationships among the variables, possibly including new variables that you introduce.
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