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MATH 151 HW #6: CHAPTER 13 ADDITIONAL “MISC. HOMEWORK” MAY BE ASSIGNED LATER! REMEMBER, HW #5 IS THE CH.12 HW ON CONICS! SPRING 2004 Write your name (encoded, if you like) and clearly separate sections! Consider photocopying your HW if you don't expect to collect it from me later. Show work where appropriate, and use “good form and procedure,” as in class! This (and HW #5) are due on the last day of class (when you take the Final). Graded out of 10 points (including possible additional HW). “*” denotes “See Hint below.” 13.1: 3-17 odd, 25-31 odd Look at the Examples. Example 5 demonstrates the usefulness of parametric equations (as opposed to more traditional ways of describing a curve).
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Unformatted text preview: 13.2: 3-9 odd, 11-17 odd (do only ab, not c), 21, 23, 25 Read Example 5 on pp.656-7 regarding the surface area of a sphere. 13.3: 1-11 odd, 13*, 15, 17, 19, 23, 27, 29, 31, 37-47* odd, 51, 53, 55 Hint on 13: Manipulate the equation first; the solution is short! Hint on 47: Multiply both sides of the equation by something first. Look at 57: You would use implicit differentiation to crack this one. Look at 66. 13.4: 1-9* odd, 17, 19*, 23, 27, 29 Hint on 9: Use 13.3 #19. Hint on 19: Use Figure 13.35 on p.670. 13.5: Skip, but skim this sometime. Polar Equations of Conics (mixes Chs.12, 13). Misc. Homework may be assigned later....
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